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Monday, November 4, 2013

Press Release - Mid Year Review of the 2013 Ready to Rocket List

Growth in BC’s Tech Companies Driven by Investment and Increased Revenue

Rocket Builders Mid Year Review of the 2013 Ready to Rocket List.

VANCOUVER, BC  -  November 4, 2013

Rocket Builders has just completed a mid year review of the 2013 Ready to Rocket List and found that companies on the list are attracting investment and increasing revenue, resulting in job creation and economic benefit for the province.

Ready to Rocket is an annual list of the companies in Information Communications and Technology (ICT), Cleantech and Life Sciences that Rocket Builders believes are most likely to show break out growth in the coming year.  The mid-year review involves contacting all companies on the lists and arranging interviews to gather insights and metrics regarding company growth. The median growth rates are over 30% compared with the previous year's base revenue.

"Our mid-year review of the Ready-to-Rocket companies confirmed that this set of companies is growing and attracting investment. And it is good to see that revenue is growing faster than job creation so the average revenue per employee is going up.” Said Steven Forth, Partner at Rocket Builders.

Six ICT Companies have closed a total of $14,700,000 in investment, most of which was equity.  Revenue per employee in Cleantech is forecasted to grow to an average $171,000 in 2013 from $103,000 in 2012.  Cleantech companies are demonstrating strong, stable growth and this signifies advancement beyond simply early adopters for this sector's technology innovation.

The fastest growing companies are those that are focusing on a more precise target market.  There is also a relation between simplicity of business model and ability to grow: the simpler the business model the easier it is to focus, execute and grow.  Complex business models can generate very valuable companies, but generally take more time and capital to execute.  The best performers on the Ready to Rocket list have in common a valuable management technique – they have managed their business decision making with analysis of business metrics, and benefit most from a single key business metric specific to their business model.

Reg Nordman, co-author, Managing Partner at Rocket Builders states, "These Ready to Rocket companies remain fast growing and attract significant investment. Having a tight focus on their markets with simple business models appears to be part of a winning strategy."

Virtually all of the companies in Ready-to-Rocket are focused on the US market for their revenue growth.

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