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Thursday, January 2, 2020

Call for Nominations for 2020 Lists

2020 Call for Nominations

Have a "hot" growth company in the technology sector you want the world to hear about?
Nominate them to BC's 18th Annual "Ready to Rocket" list.

Rocket Builders is Seeking Nominations for the 2020 "Ready to Rocket" and
"Emerging Rockets" Lists. This recognition program will showcase companies
in ICT, Digital Health, Life Science and CleanTech sectors and will be presented
March 19th 2020.

Rocket Builders is joined by CBRE, Garibaldi Capital, Go Recruitment,
McMillan LLP, the City of New Westminster and PwC in welcoming new nominations.

BC is home to many of Canada's most exciting technology companies.
Rocket Builders has built a unique methodology for analyzing market trends and
using this knowledge to predict revenue growth in the coming year.
Each year Rocket Builders publishes lists which profile the BC companies that
have the greatest potential in the coming year.

The "Ready to Rocket" Lists feature top technology companies that are best positioned
to capitalize on the largest growth trends in the technology industry.
This upcoming list will be the 18th year of this recognition list.
We expect that companies selected to the "Ready to Rocket" list will outperform the economy
and represent important trends that are creating rapid revenue growth.

We are seeking nominations for the 2020 "Ready to Rocket" lists that we will present
on March 17th 2020.

Nomination deadline is February 15th 2020, but submission as soon as possible
will allow the selection committee more time to consider your nomination.
At the same time we are accepting “Emerging Rockets” nominations for startup companies
just entering the market at an early stage.