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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

2009 Ready to Rocket list results

Rocket Builders Reveals Success of the 2009 ‘Ready to Rocket 25’ List

Despite challenging economic conditions, companies on 2009 Ready to Rocket List have breakthrough growth and drive employment

VANCOUVER, BC – January 26, 2010 –

Each year, Rocket Builders releases a report card of the previous year’s Ready to Rocket list in conjunction with the announcement of the next year’s Ready to Rocket list.

Companies on the 2009 list far exceeded the performance of the economy and the technology sector as a whole (which grew at close to 3% to 4% last year).

“The average growth rate across the 25 companies on our list was 75% revenue growth with 9 companies more than doubling their 2008 revenue performance.” said Geoffrey Hansen, Managing Partner at Rocket Builders. “Equally impressive was the 900 employees employed by these companies and the 11% average headcount growth representing new jobs created despite the slow economy.”

This data is consistent with economic forecasts predicting “small businesses” as they key drivers of new jobs in the current economy.
Many economists are reporting an “asymmetric recovery” for the economy, meaning that some industry sectors will recover much sooner than others.

“With many of the Ready to Rocket companies being vertically focused, we observe their growth to vary across industry focus” said Reg Nordman, Managing Partner at Rocket Builders, “We noted that some companies saw good quarters all through 2009, while others saw increasing performance in the latter part of the year. In fact, some companies observed record lows and highs for their recent company history within the 2009 year.”

Another positive performance indicator was the financial positions and investment and acquisition activity observed:
• Neoteric was acquired by a US company in April of 2009
• 10 of the 25 companies received significant investment capital in 2009
• many companies reported a record quarter in the 4th quarter of the 2009 calendar year
• many companies that did not receive investment are operating as profitable companies

For details on the ‘Ready to Rocket 25” list and the “Emerging Rockets” lists, please visit

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