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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Announcing 2010 Ready to Rocket List

Rocket Builders Names Top 25 Technology Companies to
the 2010 ‘Ready to Rocket 25’ List

Annual list highlights technology trends and those private BC companies
positioned for high growth potential in 2010

VANCOUVER, BC – January 26, 2010 –
Rocket Builders today released its eighth annual ‘Ready to Rocket 25’ list naming 25 privately held BC companies that are best positioned
to capitalize on the 2010 technology sector trends that will lead them to faster growth than their peers.

The annual ‘Ready to Rocket 25’ list provides accurate predictions of companies that will likely experience significant revenue growth, venture capital investment or acquisition by a major player in the coming year. The ‘Ready to Rocket 25’ list is the only predictive list of its kind in North America.

The Ready to Rocket list is viewed by investors from around the world. According to Kevin Cable, an Executive Vice President with Seattle-based Cascadia Capital, "When a BC company hits my radar I check to see if they are on the Ready to Rocket list. It helps me understand if they are a company I should get to know."

There are 19 companies on the 2010 list that repeat as “Ready to Rocket” recipients. The 6 new companies to appear on the “Ready to Rocket” list are:
• MetroLeap Media
• Axia Software Corporation
• Clevest Solutions Inc
• Advanced Ecommerce Research Systems (AERS)
• Conasys Consumer Assurance Systems Inc
• Pulse Energy, Inc

Each year, Rocket Builders does many man months of investigation into market trends and companies to refine its selection criteria. For 2010, much attention was spent on identifying industry sectors where the economy will recover more quickly while also identifying solutions where customer demand is more urgent.

“In the past we have observed how trends like Software-as-a-Service or new wireless technologies like the BlackBerry had driven growth of B.C. companies.” said Geoffrey Hansen, Managing Partner at Rocket Builders. “For the coming year, we are predicting a big impact for Smart Grid technology. We’ve already observed increased Venture Capital interest, including a recent large financing of B.C.’s Tantalus Systems.”

MetroLeap, Axia, Clevest and AERS are past recipients of “Emerging Rocket” recognition, a list that identifies pre-growth companies with high likelihood of acquiring investment and customers to position themselves for future selection as “Ready to Rocket” companies.

Today, Rocket Builders is also publishing its 2010 lists of “Emerging Rockets” and highlights companies across 4 areas of technology:
• BioTech & HealthTech
• CleanTech
• Information Technology and Communications (ICT)
• Internet, Wireless and New Media

According to Dave Thomas, Senior Partner at Rocket Builders, "B.C. has strong clusters of emerging technology companies that are attractive to investors. At this year’s Canadian Financing Forum in Vancouver later this week, attendees have indicated increased interest in early stage investing in B.C. companies."

For details on the ‘Ready to Rocket 25” list and the “Emerging Rockets” lists, please visit

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